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Ventura to Ojai (and return) Bike Ride

On Sunday morning Dec. 7, 2014 we will be going on a bike ride from Foster Park in Ventura towards Ojai and then return.   Here is the link to a map and information regarding the bike trail.  Starting at Foster Park it is about 10-11 miles to Ojai.  We will have some lunch there, then we turn around and head back.  The elevation gain is about 1000 feet on the way to Ojai and its downhill on the way back.


What you need to bring

  • A bike in good working order that you can go 20 miles on.  The lighter the bike the better. Also you should probably have a bike with a couple of different gears (not just a one speed).  If you have a BMX off road bike you should see about borrowing a different bike for the ride.
  • A bike helmet.  No one will be allowed to participate without one.
  • Tire patches and tire repair kit if you have one.
  • If your bike has a small pump attached bring it.
  • Other bike tools.
  • Small light weight backpack to carry snacks, lunch and some extra water.
  • Water bottles with water if your bike has water bottle holders.
  • Strong and dependable shoes that you can bike in.
  • Depending on the weather you might want to possibly carry a light sweater/sweatshirt.

How and when

  • We will meet at the Church parking lot on Sunday Dec. 7, 2014 at 9:00 AM sharp.  We will leave soon after that.
  • We will carpool so if you are driving and have a bike rack that can carry additional bikes please help by carrying someone’s bike.
  • We will drive down to Foster Park (Google Map).
  • We will head to Ojai on bikes, have lunch, then return to Foster Park.
  • Return back to Church parking lot sometime Sunday afternoon.

Support Crew

We will need at least one adult who is not going on the bike ride itself to head along Hwy. 33 to Ojai as support crew.  They will need to be able to carry one or two bikes if there is a problem.   If you can be this person please get back to Mr. Olitzky with an email to let him know.

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