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Merit Badge Pow Wow

The 2015 Merit Badge Pow Wow sign up process is officially started.  Pow Wow is March 7, 14, and 21.

Take a look at the website and download the 2015 registration materials. Get started as space is limited for each badge.

Here is some additional information supplied by our Scout Master Bobby.

Each Saturday a Scout will attend four classes.  The Scout will need to attend class for three weeks and then he will be assigned homework that needs to be completed before the next class.  He will get homework after each week.  If he completes all the homework, attends all the classes and scores well on the test (if there is one) he will get the merit badge.

This goes for merit badges that have per-requisites or merit badges that don’t have per-requisites.

A merit badge such as Cycling (which is offered at Pow Wow) would be extremely difficult to finish and complete at Pow Wow because of all the riding and back end work that needs to be done to complete the merit badge.

Some merit badges (the tougher ones) are almost certainly going to come back as a partial.  That means the Scout will not complete them at Pow Wow and that is to be expected.  It can be discouraging for a younger Scout to not finish all four of his merit badges but you have to realize these are tough and some take longer than three weeks.  Its just the nature of the program.

I personally encourage the younger Scouts to take easier merit badges at Pow Wow so they feel a sense of accomplishment rather than face a partial completion.

That does not mean a younger Scout should be steered away from Eagle Scout merit badges at Pow Wow because some are easily ascertained while at Pow Wow.  Those could be Cooking, First Aid, Family Life to name a few.

Hope that helps…
If you have any questions please contact Bobby.  The next Troop meeting is January 8.



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