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Dairyaire Rocket Launch October 17 and 18th

This years Rocket Launch and Camping Trip to Dairyaire 2015 is coming up Saturday October 17 and Sunday October 18. We will be leaving from the Church parking lot the Saturday morning at 6:00 AM and returning late Sunday afternoon.


If you are going and want to launch a rocket make sure you buy your rocket by next Thursday October 8th as we will be using the meeting to learn how to build them. Note: Make sure you also purchase enough rocket motors if you want to launch more than once. There will be vendors onsite selling rocket motors but not all sizes may be available. It is best if you can purchase the motors and bring them with you. In Santa Barbara, you can purchase kits from California Hobbies at Magnolia Shopping Center, 5118 Hollister Ave  (Note: regular store hours are Tues – Sat 10:00 – 5:00. close Sun and Mon.) In Ventura/Oxnard/Camarillo you can purchase kits from Fry’s Electronics and Hobby People.
here are many on-line suppliers of model rocket kits.
The following are other on-line sources.
eRockets is a good site showing many of the different kinds of rockets you can purchase.
Others include Hobbylinc and Estes Rockets.

Please ask some of our rocket veterans if you have questions.

Travel Agenda

Leaving the Church at 6:00 AM Saturday. Please be on time. We will stop for Breakfast/Lunch about 9:00 AM. We will be stopping where food is available for purchase or you may bring own food. We will arrive at the camp ground launch site around 11:00 AM. We will set up camp and launch rockets. Those having lighted rockets can continue with night launching. Depending on how much rocketry the Scouts want to do on Sunday morning we will leave around 12:00 PM and should be back at the Church about 5:00 PM.


Cost for attendees (Scouts and adults) is $50.00 and includes meals while at Dairyaire and transportation to and from the outing. Scouts should bring their own money for meals on the road to and from the launch and for additional rocket motors, if needed. The Troop will be car/tent camping at the rocket launch site. The rocket launching activity site is somewhat remote and is located far away from trees and building. Bathroom facilities will be available. Be sure to bring sunscreen and hats.

Dairyaire and Rocketry

Dairyaire is held in Fresno and more details about the launch and the Tripoli Central California rocket meets can be found at their website.

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